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Thank you for visiting and reading this.

In line with my last blog post “Keep Hip-Hoppin” which is the title of my 5th album dropping by Christmas 2017,

I see it only fitting to elaborate and conclude some conclusions, minus contusions, lol.



Below are some of my views I’ve accumulated over my decades as a

Hamiltonian/Canadian/French Native raising a son solo for 12 years.

My perspectives are drawn from being adopted by my

Step Grandma who was married to my Grandfather

and she became my mom, which in turn made her kids my brothers and sister,

even though, before the adoption, they were my Uncles and Aunt, lol.

Thus, I’ve learned things with blurry glasses (mentally)

because I was adopted due to my birth giver physically beating me and killing my brother.


It could of been me, and by the grace of God I am here and a believer in a higher power. I am proof, like D12.

My take on life involves learned principles from home, street life, school, the bible and common sense.

Humor goes along way as well. I try to treat ppl how I want to be treated.

I fight my stubborn nature by coming off like I’m perfect and know it all.

I try to be humble by remembering the pennies I use to roll up frequently,

or the food I use to steal when hungry, or the cops I ran from, in the 90’s.

I believe in hard work and going to work when I’m sick, if possible, l

ike my mom showcased throughout my upbringing.

I am open minded due to the complexities and unanswered questions life brings us all.

I walk away when I’m angry because I am a man and my anger doesn’t control me.

I use preventive measures when it comes to dealing with stress/strzess, lol, such as…

I work out 3-4 x’s a week even though I have a day job, side job, shows and projects, kids, wife, etc…


I believe and say “excuses get neuces”.

I walk the walk. I check my own judgements and bullshit.

I apologize when I see I overreacted or was wrong.

I say I love you to my son and wife many times a day,

because we don’t know how long we have in life or,

what awaits us everyday we drive or go to work/school, etc.

I forgive, but don’t forget or repeat situations and unhealthy choices .

Living with a self accountable, and humorous and

creative nature is extremely important to me. Self accountability to me equates to outgrowing the

macho bravado attitude that Hip-Hop use to brainwash me with. For instance I use to be heavily influenced by

“Bitches Aint Shit” and NWA but I outgrew that negative perspective,

because I kept loosing girl, after girl to that way of thinking.


I don’t see success as money or material things.

I measure success in self respect and self worth, self peace, not having lots of regrets or “what if’s”.

Contentment thru content. I mean, creating content reminds me of getting close to our creator.

So, I create. It’s my medicine and compass to honoring God and the gifts he bestowed upon me.

Thus, the 6 Folk abums I engineered and produced, as well as the 7 Hip-Hop albums,

and countless instrumentals, have proven I do honor my gifts,  and I consistently have to ignore societies definition,

and expectations of “did you sell x # of streams/downloads/cd’s?” or “why are you not famous yet?”

or “why are you still working a day job?”.


Self worth counter balances all the mirages and saturated disillusion that other artists, family, life, brings to my mind and life.


Love and hope is what keeps me sane and pursuing daily. It’s free and we all have it, so why not???

I’ve overcome dying, addiction, homelessness, mental diseases, abandonment,

loneliness and being lost, as you have and countless others.

As they say, “This too shall pass” and “Don’t sweat the small things, it’s all small” are some phrases I say and apply, lol.

Keep changing like a ChAnGeR and #khh, KEEP HIP-HOPPIN’.

R.I.P. to my mom, who taught me #khh!! Thank you again, for visiting and reading this.


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