ChangerMusic and Friends – Fundraiser – For tha love of Hip-Hop show.


Date: 2/15/18 – Time: 7pm

Location: This Ain’t Hollywood, James St.N. Hamilton, On.

Door: $10

Raffle & 50/50 Tickets $1-$5

Fundraiser Concert:

In honor of my 5th album “KHH” I thought of an artist I’ve worked with who has kept going despite his Spinal Muscular Atrophy, who is BFlix, a 24 yr old singer, that has collaborated with Riff RAFF and MadChild.

So for some valentines day type of love, I decided why not share the love on the indie Hip-Hop community tip?

Check’er out and come dance, rep, hoot and drink, with us. 11 acts and BFlix him self!!!!