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Hey, hey party guy, or gyal, lol.

I hope¬† all is well and nothing stops you from being happy and to KEEP HIP-HOPPIN’.

2017 has been a ton of ups and downs for us both I imagine.

Mine have been encapsulated into this album – KEEP HIP-HOPPIN’ (on Spotify & Apple).

On Feb 2, 2017 my adoptive and only Mother I ever had, passed on to heaven, due to a sudden heart attack.

At the time this new album was prolly half way made. It was medicine and a dire distraction for me spiritually and mentally.

#KHH helped me to positively honor her physical death, because daily she is with me thru my actions and in spirit I think and feel.

For a human to adopt and raise another humans kid is amazing and that’s what my Mom did.

Shirley kept me from harm and we cranked Tina Turner, Diana Ross, Bette Middler, Dolly and many others when I was kid & teen.

I miss her singing to songs without remembering the words or physically mimicking gestures on a TV show or movie.

Mom use to yell “turn that rap crap down” or “turn that music off” when I was making beats at 2 am in the 90’s.

I sang my first hook I made to her when I was 14 and am eventually gonna rebreath life into it.

If her passing has taught me anything, it’s to film photograph, spend time with the ones we love as much as possible.

I visited every Saturday and I have decades worth of video and photo’s and voice memo’s of her hilarious personality.

If I can overcome and survive such a sad event, so can you. Please stream or buy my album if you see fit.

God bless, and KEEP HIP-HOPPIN’.