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S.F.M. - E.P. RMX Cover Online version

S.F.M. – E.P. RMX Cover
Online version

Hello, Happy New Year & Happy Father’s day, now & forever, lol.

I initially created this post for giving away free music as a present to Father’s for Father’s Day!

“Single Father Music – Remix E.P.” contains 7 new remixes off of ChAnGeR’s album “SFM”, released 9.28.14. Since it’s my latest release and consists of my most personal conscious songs, to date… I will continue to extend this available free E.P.!

Download, Share & Enjoy.

LOVE CHANGER – Tha Single Father Representer!


Kill For My Kid_RMX1

My Handicap Dad_RMX1

Work Sucks_RMX2



Memoriez RMX1_Beat

Steamy RMX1_SingleFatherMusic


Note: Each player below has a download button in it for you to download one by one.

(Click on the very far right large arrow; Desktop access only – not downloadable on mobile platforms)


This new Remix version E.P. has been especially close to this sole custodian’s heart, so i….

ChAnGeR,  am releasing it on no other relatable day, then on,,,,,, (drum roll please)…. FATHERS DAY!!!

Big up to all single parent’s raising beautiful children by themselves, but hopefully with the man upstairs help, as well.



Buy the original Single Father Music album here.

SFM = Single Father Music

SFM = Single Father Music