Halloween ChAnGeR Music style

Oct 31, 2017 by cmusic - Comments Off on Halloween ChAnGeR Music style



I was thinking about why I dress up and give out Halloween treats every year lately. I suppose it’s partially due to me loving dressing up & joining in on the fun with the neighbourhood kids. I giggle and take pictures with some that are hilarious or adorable. After all; It is a rare time where adults can act like kids without getting into trouble, lol.

My son is almost an adult so I dress up in honour of missing him doing it and the mad fun we use to have, so it’s kind of like I am holding on to the memories and tradition that we use to have as well. I see plenty of parents dressed up outside with their kids too, and when I walk my neighbourhood with my pug after serving candy, I enjoy the mini haunted houses and screaming kids as my neighbors chase them with chainless chainsaws and props, lol.

Reliving our childhood is definitely a positive consequence from dressing up as an adult on Halloween too. I remember the exciting freedom of just running off after supper, just me and my candy bag or pillow case, and meeting up with classmates, checking each others loot out, lol. The day after was rewarding and amazing at school, being on a sugar high.

I haven’t posted it yet, but I may next year (gulp), because I just shot a “Halloween Mask Review” segment and it’s actually quite outrageous and original, lol. I truly act like a Wally in many masks, bahahahaha.

If you can’t let loose and act like a nut once in a while, what the heck is the point of paying bills?

I have a performing artist friend who performs in costume in a haunted house in Niagra Falls, which really reminds me that plenty of other adults take the season a lot further then moi, lol. I’m not a golden arch, but I’m luvin it!

Monsters, and ChAnGeR? Oh my!