Ticat Anthem – Steel City Anthem

Sep 21, 2017 by cmusic - Comments Off on Ticat Anthem – Steel City Anthem


I made the beat for “CLAW OUR WAY” in the summer of 2016. A lot of personal family issues were occurring and my spiritual maintenance created this funky bass line, so to speak, lol.

I dawned my Ti Cat flag cape, weird glasses and items to attend a live game many times and that’s where it connected. I heard a fellow Hamilton artist being played at the game and realized it was boring and not catchy, like most indie songs from rockers or any genre were when it came to a Ti Cat theme song.

I went back to the beat and tied it together lyrically in my pro home studio, which I engineered and produced/wrote from. Fun and catchy lyrics were the goal to match the stunning bass chords and bass line that I see as the highlight of the song to be honest.

The lyrics didn’t take many edits or time to lay down vocals for. I let the beat sit for months before laying lyrics and my voice down to computer.

I made the bass line on my drum machine, and the drums and additions. I knew it was a hit after not being able to get it out of my head. It’s so easy to hum, lol. The layering and panning of my vocals I edited  around December 2016.

The remix is in the works for 2018 season just to keep it in the ears of fans when we really improve our team roster and outcome to Claw Our Way to the tippy, lol.

Toronto’s “Freshkils” is producing it & is the first producer besides my self that I’ve worked with professionally, so it’s sounding INSAYYNE!!

I’ve been called a super fan but since my income doesn’t allow for me to attend each home game, I disagree, lmao.

My dream goal for this Steel City anthem is to play it at home games, and especially to have the video played regularly on our huge TV screen, and the song aired every time a TiCat touch down occurs.

FUGGIN EH, eh? Oskee Wee Wee, I Ham what I Hamilton, lol.

I am born and raised here, and I live here in #hamont. I’m not some out of towner calling Hamilton home. I am Hamilton.

Peep Speedy B and many others helping us Claw Our Way from a challenging 2017 season.

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