Halloween cancelled by Covid-19 – Will Corona virus cancel 2020 Halloween?

Sep 03, 2020 by cmusic - Comments Off on Halloween cancelled by Covid-19 – Will Corona virus cancel 2020 Halloween?

Darn this damn Covid-19 and Halloween 2020 seems to be as odd as Trump being the President to some people. The reason is many parents have great concerns about Halloween and Covid 19 infections being transferred from their children touching strangers candy that could have the infectious virus on it. ChangerMusic decided to make a few tips to keep us safe this 2020 Halloween season, and “Every Halloween”.

2020 Halloween Candy Cleaning Tips:
1.) Chip bags: Hand wash with warm soapy water for 25 seconds and let dry before consuming.
2.) Chocolate: Fill a sink with most of the plastic wrapped candy/choc’ and rub them down with warm soapy water, but not too hot as to avoid melting the chocolate of course, lol.
3.) Apples/Fruit: Either throw them out or wash with soap and warm water in your sink for 25 sec’s.
4.) Gift cards/Certificates: Spray with sanitizer and wipe down thoroughly before handling/passing along to your child to use.

Alternative suggestions:

a.) Ask relatives and friends to visit just them to get candy with the little ones.

b.) Trick or treat halloween hunt around the house/apartment.

c.) Buy ya own goodies and stay in to watch movies/shows.

d.) Play Changer’s new “EVERY HALLOWEEN” SONG and Video.

2020Halloween may not be as fun and is more serious due to these legit C-19 concerns, so in honor of balance and the good old days before Covid-19 and Halloween 2020 concerns; ChangerMusic had made a Halloween2020 Covid-19 tribute song titled “Every Halloween”. #everyhalloween was made to honor the traditional Halloween fun night, in light of the dark over shadowing Covid19 virus.

Changer takes Covid-19 and parents Halloween concerns very seriously, but at the same time, he believes parents will do what is best for the safety of their children. Changer’s fun new Hip-Hop song was made when he realized his favorite childhood song “Thriller” was needing to be paid homage, as a salute to Changer’s inner child.

#everyhalloween is available on 9.11.20 on Spoitfy and where ever you get music online.

The video will be out then as well on ChangerMusic’s Youtube channel. Be sure to subscribe and share, as Changer is an indie artist appreciating your help. Stay safe and have fun this Covid19Halloween season and #everyhalloween. Listen to ChangerMusic’s “Every Halloween” song HERE.

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