Hamont Hip-Hop 2021

Jan 15, 2022 by cmusic - Comments Off on Hamont Hip-Hop 2021

Wow, 2021 was almost as bad as 2020 for most us humans, hugh?
As a Canadian Indie Hip-Hop artist, I rep Steel City Hip-Hop and Hamilton Hip-Hop to the fullest.
So, for 2021 as a conscious rap artist fighting depression in a pandemic, I felt conflicted, proud and confused about my artistic accomplishments when there was so many other important issues in my life.

For instance, there is no #hamontmusic scene as shows are paused still and #hamonthiphop is more underground then ever, thus my ad campaigns for 2021 were not as strong as they will be for my steel city hip-hop presence in 2022. My personal life with family dying from covdi-19 and fighting poly substance abuse has slowed me and turned me to writing and connecting internally more then ever.

These circumstances lead to my first EP and sad themed project about grieving ”STLL GRIEVING” to aid in my loosing my close father figure I called PaPa Bingo. It also fueled my 2022 theme album in the works, to rep teen dads from a caring Hip-Hop cultural view, since I was a teen dad in the 90’s and know Hip-Hop doesn’t have enough representation for teen dad’s in a personal and positive light. 2021 was about connecting my personal issues into God & Hip-Hop like I do as a real down to earth artist.

Also, the two albums I did with #sptisickbeats helped me leave my memoirs about steel factory events I endured and freestyled my arse off for, lol. My fave was collaborating with legends like Kool Keith, Apathy DGZ, RBX from Death Row in the 90’s and my fave Toronto artist, Saukrates. Not bad for a self funded Canadian Hip-Hop and #hamonthiphop artist, eh?

The albums and songs I was a part of are below and available where ever u stream online.