Steel Money Album

Mar 23, 2020 by cmusic - Comments Off on Steel Money Album

“STEEL MONEY” The new album title for Changer’s  6th album is a dark, rock, Hip-Hop themed project, slated for release in the summer of 2019.

Welding is the basis of how Changer “The Welder” afforded independent releases from his 10 years of welding. Dark Smokey welding factories in Hamilton is the focal point of “Steel Money”. Hard rock guitars and boom bap beats with a tiny beat of trap drums here and there is what the soundscape will possess. A salute if you will, to the blue collar life in Changer’s Hometown, Hamilton Ontario (HDotO), featuring America’s legendary “Apathy” from “The Demigodz”, “Ren Thomas” from NewJersey, Fresh Freddie, CFolks and Changer’s fave Hamilton award winning MC, Lee Reed.

Welding with 100 other people is the sound vibe being sought for this steel money album. That is what Changer did for years and years and is what Steel city Hamilton consists of. About 12-14 songs are slated. Catchy hooks and melodies are a given with SpitSickBeats being Changer’s new production company endeavors. From Changer’s, single parenting previous themed 4 albums to his “Keep Hip-Hoppin” release, this “STEEL MONEY” album will be in tune with Changer’s name, of repping Change, variety and unpredictability.

Canadian Underground Hip-Hop is repped lovely with Changer focusing on being original and different with his upcoming 2020 “Steel Money Album”. The artwork for this exciting LP is commissioned by Hamilton’s “Anthony Haley”.

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