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Hey, hey party guy, or gyal, lol.

I hope  all is well and nothing stops you from being happy and to KEEP HIP-HOPPIN’.

2017 has been a ton of ups and downs for us both I imagine.

Mine have been encapsulated into this album – KEEP HIP-HOPPIN’ (on Spotify & Apple).

On Feb 2, 2017 my adoptive and only Mother I ever had, passed on to heaven, due to a sudden heart attack.

At the time this new album was prolly half way made. It was medicine and a dire distraction for me spiritually and mentally.

#KHH helped me to positively honor her physical death, because daily she is with me thru my actions and in spirit I think and feel.

For a human to adopt and raise another humans kid is amazing and that’s what my Mom did.

Shirley kept me from harm and we cranked Tina Turner, Diana Ross, Bette Middler, Dolly and many others when I was kid & teen.

I miss her singing to songs without remembering the words or physically mimicking gestures on a TV show or movie.

Mom use to yell “turn that rap crap down” or “turn that music off” when I was making beats at 2 am in the 90’s.

I sang my first hook I made to her when I was 14 and am eventually gonna rebreath life into it.

If her passing has taught me anything, it’s to film photograph, spend time with the ones we love as much as possible.

I visited every Saturday and I have decades worth of video and photo’s and voice memo’s of her hilarious personality.

If I can overcome and survive such a sad event, so can you. Please stream or buy my album if you see fit.

God bless, and KEEP HIP-HOPPIN’.

Halloween ChAnGeR Music style

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I was thinking about why I dress up and give out Halloween treats every year lately. I suppose it’s partially due to me loving dressing up & joining in on the fun with the neighbourhood kids. I giggle and take pictures with some that are hilarious or adorable. After all; It is a rare time where adults can act like kids without getting into trouble, lol.

My son is almost an adult so I dress up in honour of missing him doing it and the mad fun we use to have, so it’s kind of like I am holding on to the memories and tradition that we use to have as well. I see plenty of parents dressed up outside with their kids too, and when I walk my neighbourhood with my pug after serving candy, I enjoy the mini haunted houses and screaming kids as my neighbors chase them with chainless chainsaws and props, lol.

Reliving our childhood is definitely a positive consequence from dressing up as an adult on Halloween too. I remember the exciting freedom of just running off after supper, just me and my candy bag or pillow case, and meeting up with classmates, checking each others loot out, lol. The day after was rewarding and amazing at school, being on a sugar high.

I haven’t posted it yet, but I may next year (gulp), because I just shot a “Halloween Mask Review” segment and it’s actually quite outrageous and original, lol. I truly act like a Wally in many masks, bahahahaha.

If you can’t let loose and act like a nut once in a while, what the heck is the point of paying bills?

I have a performing artist friend who performs in costume in a haunted house in Niagra Falls, which really reminds me that plenty of other adults take the season a lot further then moi, lol. I’m not a golden arch, but I’m luvin it!

Monsters, and ChAnGeR? Oh my!




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Hamilton, Ontario’s “Changer Music” has released a new Hip-Hop/Pop video “CLAW OUR WAY” homage to Changer’s favorite CFL team, the Ti Cat’s. This entertaining and fun project was shot at Tim Horton’s field and at the McMaster training camp in the summer of 2017, featuring key Ti Cat players such as Speedy B, Courtney Stephens and of course the Tiger cat cheerleaders and fans.

The spirit of the song is about overcoming adversity. This season for the Hamilton Tiger Cats has been nothing but a struggle and constant need to claw their way to the top. From a fans perspective, these lyrics shine light on the goal of keeping your head down and pushing ones way through life’s obstacles. The upbeat tempo and bouncy bass line will make you want to claw your way to the dance floor.

Below are some links to the video and Changer Music’s behind the scenes blog article.

Video Link: Click HERE

Blog Link: Click HERE

Duration: 2:22


Changer Productions – Hamilton, ON.

Media Company:

Artist: ChangerMusic – a.k.a.
ChAnGeR – The Former Single Father


Ticat Anthem – Steel City Anthem

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I made the beat for “CLAW OUR WAY” in the summer of 2016. A lot of personal family issues were occurring and my spiritual maintenance created this funky bass line, so to speak, lol.

I dawned my Ti Cat flag cape, weird glasses and items to attend a live game many times and that’s where it connected. I heard a fellow Hamilton artist being played at the game and realized it was boring and not catchy, like most indie songs from rockers or any genre were when it came to a Ti Cat theme song.

I went back to the beat and tied it together lyrically in my pro home studio, which I engineered and produced/wrote from. Fun and catchy lyrics were the goal to match the stunning bass chords and bass line that I see as the highlight of the song to be honest.

The lyrics didn’t take many edits or time to lay down vocals for. I let the beat sit for months before laying lyrics and my voice down to computer.

I made the bass line on my drum machine, and the drums and additions. I knew it was a hit after not being able to get it out of my head. It’s so easy to hum, lol. The layering and panning of my vocals I edited  around December 2016.

The remix is in the works for 2018 season just to keep it in the ears of fans when we really improve our team roster and outcome to Claw Our Way to the tippy, lol.

Toronto’s “Freshkils” is producing it & is the first producer besides my self that I’ve worked with professionally, so it’s sounding INSAYYNE!!

I’ve been called a super fan but since my income doesn’t allow for me to attend each home game, I disagree, lmao.

My dream goal for this Steel City anthem is to play it at home games, and especially to have the video played regularly on our huge TV screen, and the song aired every time a TiCat touch down occurs.

FUGGIN EH, eh? Oskee Wee Wee, I Ham what I Hamilton, lol.

I am born and raised here, and I live here in #hamont. I’m not some out of towner calling Hamilton home. I am Hamilton.

Peep Speedy B and many others helping us Claw Our Way from a challenging 2017 season.

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Changer’s perspectives

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Thank you for visiting and reading this.

In line with my last blog post “Keep Hip-Hoppin” which is the title of my 5th album dropping by Christmas 2017,

I see it only fitting to elaborate and conclude some conclusions, minus contusions, lol.



Below are some of my views I’ve accumulated over my decades as a

Hamiltonian/Canadian/French Native raising a son solo for 12 years.

My perspectives are drawn from being adopted by my

Step Grandma who was married to my Grandfather

and she became my mom, which in turn made her kids my brothers and sister,

even though, before the adoption, they were my Uncles and Aunt, lol.

Thus, I’ve learned things with blurry glasses (mentally)

because I was adopted due to my birth giver physically beating me and killing my brother.


It could of been me, and by the grace of God I am here and a believer in a higher power. I am proof, like D12.

My take on life involves learned principles from home, street life, school, the bible and common sense.

Humor goes along way as well. I try to treat ppl how I want to be treated.

I fight my stubborn nature by coming off like I’m perfect and know it all.

I try to be humble by remembering the pennies I use to roll up frequently,

or the food I use to steal when hungry, or the cops I ran from, in the 90’s.

I believe in hard work and going to work when I’m sick, if possible, l

ike my mom showcased throughout my upbringing.

I am open minded due to the complexities and unanswered questions life brings us all.

I walk away when I’m angry because I am a man and my anger doesn’t control me.

I use preventive measures when it comes to dealing with stress/strzess, lol, such as…

I work out 3-4 x’s a week even though I have a day job, side job, shows and projects, kids, wife, etc…


I believe and say “excuses get neuces”.

I walk the walk. I check my own judgements and bullshit.

I apologize when I see I overreacted or was wrong.

I say I love you to my son and wife many times a day,

because we don’t know how long we have in life or,

what awaits us everyday we drive or go to work/school, etc.

I forgive, but don’t forget or repeat situations and unhealthy choices .

Living with a self accountable, and humorous and

creative nature is extremely important to me. Self accountability to me equates to outgrowing the

macho bravado attitude that Hip-Hop use to brainwash me with. For instance I use to be heavily influenced by

“Bitches Aint Shit” and NWA but I outgrew that negative perspective,

because I kept loosing girl, after girl to that way of thinking.


I don’t see success as money or material things.

I measure success in self respect and self worth, self peace, not having lots of regrets or “what if’s”.

Contentment thru content. I mean, creating content reminds me of getting close to our creator.

So, I create. It’s my medicine and compass to honoring God and the gifts he bestowed upon me.

Thus, the 6 Folk abums I engineered and produced, as well as the 7 Hip-Hop albums,

and countless instrumentals, have proven I do honor my gifts,  and I consistently have to ignore societies definition,

and expectations of “did you sell x # of streams/downloads/cd’s?” or “why are you not famous yet?”

or “why are you still working a day job?”.


Self worth counter balances all the mirages and saturated disillusion that other artists, family, life, brings to my mind and life.


Love and hope is what keeps me sane and pursuing daily. It’s free and we all have it, so why not???

I’ve overcome dying, addiction, homelessness, mental diseases, abandonment,

loneliness and being lost, as you have and countless others.

As they say, “This too shall pass” and “Don’t sweat the small things, it’s all small” are some phrases I say and apply, lol.

Keep changing like a ChAnGeR and #khh, KEEP HIP-HOPPIN’.

R.I.P. to my mom, who taught me #khh!! Thank you again, for visiting and reading this.


Oh yeah please share this and check out my other site Changer Productions.

For very affordable top knotch production – please visit my other site HERE.

ChAnGeR – Tha Former Single Father




Keep Hip-Hoppin’

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#KHH stands for “Keep Hip-Hoppin”.

It’s my fifth album. It’s my first completely, non “single father” subject based album.

It’s nothing like the “Changer – Tha Single Father” parenting themed projects. Two singles can be heard HERE. As well as here.

#KHH will have 10 tracks, produced and engineered by Changer Productions, based in Hamilton, ON, Canada.

I created the art for #khh, and taught my self Photoshop in 2004, to aid in the creation of my first CD Baby album’s cover art, and to save money, because at that time I was on welfare and raising my then 4 year old son.

I was shooting for my regular Father’s day release, to keep hip-hoppin’ in honor of my Mother who had the role of being my father, and who has also passed away this Feb 2, 2017. I was and am heartbroken, grief stricken, so this album is a candle being lit in honor of all the times I seen her go to work, after being sick in the bathroom, or too tired, or having financial and personal struggles. My mom was the one who truly taught me to “Keep Hip-Hoppin”.

This is a sports based theme, upbeat, fun Hip-Hop/Pop/EDM release. I will be using some of my inheritance money from my beautiful mom’s estate to promote this. It will definitely help tons.

Self funded, this album will be a regular huge obstacle to promote. The two promoters I have been researching start at $3,400.00 Canadian, to service the album to their network of contacts for exposure, via air play, reviews, articles, and interviews.

I am thinking about adding a PayPal donate button to assist with this album avoiding the usual pitfalls of my releasing quality material, to not have anyone know about it. It’s a plague that has financially pushed me to the limits in 2009 and I have shyed away from, due to my day job and family responsibilities trumping music promotion.

Thus, I keep creating, recording, producing, mixing, mastering, editing, practicing, performing here and there, in hopes that I can get grants or work my way up to afford incorporating to meet the extensive Canadian grant requirements, which takes years and thousands to work towards, when I have already started and self funded, since 2004’s first “The Single Father Hip-Hopper” album.

My being laid off through the creation of this, on top of a close family member going through turmoil, has bled true into maintaining the spirit of #khh – Keep Hip-Hoppin’.

Being an indie artist, pushes my spirit to remember I am not alone in this, even though physically and financially I have been for 13 years. I need help, God helps those who help themselves, but this album deserves more light and exposure and to be shared, more then any of my other works.

Let’s keep Hip-Hoppin’ together. Please donate any amount you can afford below, and I will shout you out on all my social media accounts, and make a song with your name in it, as appreciation and recognition, to be released at Christmas 2017.

Here’s the PayPal link. I can’t thank you enough in advance.

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2016 ChangerMusic Review

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Hey howday hey, lol.

I am exuberantly ecstatic, to reminisce over this past 2016 year.

I met many new friends and contacts, went to my first major award show in Edmonton, Alberta.

I and Fresh Freddy stayed the weekend of 9/11 and it was bzzzangin. I had a moment of silence before my performance for the fallen hero’s of 9/11 and attended the trade show afterwards. I got to meet Canadian Hip-Hop icon “Choclair” whom I mention in my new video “My Hip-Hop” song (“I was played like Choclair for 21 years. My backbone slid thru 69 tears”).

I am extremely grateful and proud to have honor the gifts that God has bestowed upon moi!! This year marks the busiest release schedule, which included two albums and 3 video’s release in 2016.










Other hightlights I recall are…

  1. BFlixz & P.O.E. performing at my 2nd house party concert.
  2. Performing more then ever this past year.
  3. Completing my video studio & collabo album “Christmas Pups“.
  4. Creating and releasing “Steel City Daddy” & “Up&Down” & “My Hip-Hop“.
  5. Cottage life, creating songs and websites for other indie artists.
  6. Northern Star conference and CMW Sync’ Summit.
  7. My first pair of Bugz Jordans…lol. TruDoe!!
  8. Helping my first major artist “The Bailiff” with his live show video production concert.
  9. Working with Good Apollo from HdotO. As well as Fresh Freddy and Sharky from the Sons of Boom Bap.

R.I.P. Glen Frey and Prince, Chyna and Mr. Fuji.

God bless you and have an outstanding new year in 2017.


Joseph/ChAnGeR – Tha Former Single Father

(Please click the 2 new album covers to hear them, below)



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