Keep Hip-Hoppin’

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#KHH stands for “Keep Hip-Hoppin”.

It’s my fifth album. It’s my first completely, non “single father” subject based album.

It’s nothing like the “Changer – Tha Single Father” parenting themed projects. Two singles can be heard HERE. As well as here.

#KHH will have 10 tracks, produced and engineered by Changer Productions, based in Hamilton, ON, Canada.

I created the art for #khh, and taught my self Photoshop in 2004, to aid in the creation of my first CD Baby album’s cover art, and to save money, because at that time I was on welfare and raising my then 4 year old son.

I was shooting for my regular Father’s day release, to keep hip-hoppin’ in honor of my Mother who had the role of being my father, and who has also passed away this Feb 2, 2017. I was and am heartbroken, grief stricken, so this album is a candle being lit in honor of all the times I seen her go to work, after being sick in the bathroom, or too tired, or having financial and personal struggles. My mom was the one who truly taught me to “Keep Hip-Hoppin”.

This is a sports based theme, upbeat, fun Hip-Hop/Pop/EDM release. I will be using some of my inheritance money from my beautiful mom’s estate to promote this. It will definitely help tons.

Self funded, this album will be a regular huge obstacle to promote. The two promoters I have been researching start at $3,400.00 Canadian, to service the album to their network of contacts for exposure, via air play, reviews, articles, and interviews.

I am thinking about adding a PayPal donate button to assist with this album avoiding the usual pitfalls of my releasing quality material, to not have anyone know about it. It’s a plague that has financially pushed me to the limits in 2009 and I have shyed away from, due to my day job and family responsibilities trumping music promotion.

Thus, I keep creating, recording, producing, mixing, mastering, editing, practicing, performing here and there, in hopes that I can get grants or work my way up to afford incorporating to meet the extensive Canadian grant requirements, which takes years and thousands to work towards, when I have already started and self funded, since 2004’s first “The Single Father Hip-Hopper” album.

My being laid off through the creation of this, on top of a close family member going through turmoil, has bled true into maintaining the spirit of #khh – Keep Hip-Hoppin’.

Being an indie artist, pushes my spirit to remember I am not alone in this, even though physically and financially I have been for 13 years. I need help, God helps those who help themselves, but this album deserves more light and exposure and to be shared, more then any of my other works.

Let’s keep Hip-Hoppin’ together. Please donate any amount you can afford below, and I will shout you out on all my social media accounts, and make a song with your name in it, as appreciation and recognition, to be released at Christmas 2017.

Here’s the PayPal link. I can’t thank you enough in advance.


2016 ChangerMusic Review

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Hey howday hey, lol.

I am exuberantly ecstatic, to reminisce over this past 2016 year.

I met many new friends and contacts, went to my first major award show in Edmonton, Alberta.

I and Fresh Freddy stayed the weekend of 9/11 and it was bzzzangin. I had a moment of silence before my performance for the fallen hero’s of 9/11 and attended the trade show afterwards. I got to meet Canadian Hip-Hop icon “Choclair” whom I mention in my new video “My Hip-Hop” song (“I was played like Choclair for 21 years. My backbone slid thru 69 tears”).

I am extremely grateful and proud to have honor the gifts that God has bestowed upon moi!! This year marks the busiest release schedule, which included two albums and 3 video’s release in 2016.










Other hightlights I recall are…

  1. BFlixz & P.O.E. performing at my 2nd house party concert.
  2. Performing more then ever this past year.
  3. Completing my video studio & collabo album “Christmas Pups“.
  4. Creating and releasing “Steel City Daddy” & “Up&Down” & “My Hip-Hop“.
  5. Cottage life, creating songs and websites for other indie artists.
  6. Northern Star conference and CMW Sync’ Summit.
  7. My first pair of Bugz Jordans…lol. TruDoe!!
  8. Helping my first major artist “The Bailiff” with his live show video production concert.
  9. Working with Good Apollo from HdotO. As well as Fresh Freddy and Sharky from the Sons of Boom Bap.

R.I.P. Glen Frey and Prince, Chyna and Mr. Fuji.

God bless you and have an outstanding new year in 2017.


Joseph/ChAnGeR – Tha Former Single Father

(Please click the 2 new album covers to hear them, below)



2 Changer Music New Galaxified Video’s

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Hey what’s new?

I have always been a Sci Fi geeky fan. So in honor of that, most video’s I create have a hint of that in them.

My 2 latest video releases here show case outter space scenery and vibes (I can’t get enough Guardians of the Galaxy, btw).

I, Changer shot/produced/edited/fx/financed these projects.

If you or someone you know in Ham’ ON need video’s or music, please link us up for a chance to earn a 15% referral fee.

These 2 new videos showcase everything from flying debris to blue and pink sexy lady, peep, view, subscribe, all that HERE.

Joseph “ChAnGeR” Tha Former broke Single Father

Changer Productions

Gangstarr Lego

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Man o Man do I luv, love me some Gangstarr. I grew up as a teen blasting IllKid records, GURU’s label’s acts, The GS Foundation, Jeru, Group Home, DJ Preemo, etc.

Gifted Unlimited Rhymes Universal is the definition for his acronym name “G.U.R.U.”.

All new rap heads need to do the homework and bless their ears by listening to the whole Gangstarr discography. Especially “The Moment of Truth” album.

Needless to type… When I found out about Lego Hip-Hop classic tribute toys… Forget about it!

I have some toys from my childhood, as well as from my son’s, inside my studio next to my vocal booth so u already know my steeze!!

Man I am pumped. I hope these see the light and make it to market or at least via online purchasing.

Let me know if u find some or get word about the actual release, please!

Tell Santa to sign me up!

I would enjoy seeing KRSONE, NWA, Pac, Em, Pun & Tribe as well, being a Lego future release! Whoahhhh!!! Bustah too!!

Changer Productions – #ChangerMusic


Alberta Music Awards – CUTHIPHOPAWARDS

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CM VOL1a COVER 31916BluText

Hi, I’m insanely excited/pumped! ChAnGeRMusic been nominated for “Album, Video & Reggae Single of The Year”.

Look under each category for “ChAnGeR” or “Changer Music”. It’s under “Album of the year – RIGHT NEXT TO DRAKE!!!” & “Video of the Year” & “Reggae Single of The Year“. I only have two other artist’s to compete with under Reggae Single of The Year, so at minimum I urge you to please vote for me in that category. NOW.

Your help is needed DAILY!!! Up to 10 times a day until September 2016. Please share & vote NOW at…


uPnDwN Press Release

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Press Release: “For immediate release”

Changer Music’s new single “uPnDwN” is out,

from his 4th album “Volume 1” on Father’s Day 2016!

Listen here.

For interviews please email


ChAnGeRMusic – Volume1 – Album

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Hi, hello, hey, hey, heY!!!!

ChAnGeR here.

I am ecstatic that everything is finalized for my 4th new album titled…

“ChAnGeRMusic – Volume 1” dropping Father’s Day 2016.
I really need you to share this, with everyone you can, PLEEEEAAAZZZZEE!!!

The art is here… Please share, share, SHARE!!!

Between my full time job and doing this out of love and out of pocket in my spare time, I’m proud to unveil my 4th album

ChAnGeRMusic – Volume 1“. Preview the beats, engineering, and rhymez I did here.

Again, if you are a fan and like a song or all of them, please share NOW!

Love ChAnGeR – The Former Single Father!! (Mature Boom Bap Music)
“Being married is better then being single” Long live caring, educated single parents!!

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