Hamont Hip-Hop 2021

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Wow, 2021 was almost as bad as 2020 for most us humans, hugh?
As a Canadian Indie Hip-Hop artist, I rep Steel City Hip-Hop and Hamilton Hip-Hop to the fullest.
So, for 2021 as a conscious rap artist fighting depression in a pandemic, I felt conflicted, proud and confused about my artistic accomplishments when there was so many other important issues in my life.

For instance, there is no #hamontmusic scene as shows are paused still and #hamonthiphop is more underground then ever, thus my ad campaigns for 2021 were not as strong as they will be for my steel city hip-hop presence in 2022. My personal life with family dying from covdi-19 and fighting poly substance abuse has slowed me and turned me to writing and connecting internally more then ever.

These circumstances lead to my first EP and sad themed project about grieving ”STLL GRIEVING” to aid in my loosing my close father figure I called PaPa Bingo. It also fueled my 2022 theme album in the works, to rep teen dads from a caring Hip-Hop cultural view, since I was a teen dad in the 90’s and know Hip-Hop doesn’t have enough representation for teen dad’s in a personal and positive light. 2021 was about connecting my personal issues into God & Hip-Hop like I do as a real down to earth artist.

Also, the two albums I did with #sptisickbeats helped me leave my memoirs about steel factory events I endured and freestyled my arse off for, lol. My fave was collaborating with legends like Kool Keith, Apathy DGZ, RBX from Death Row in the 90’s and my fave Toronto artist, Saukrates. Not bad for a self funded Canadian Hip-Hop and #hamonthiphop artist, eh?

The albums and songs I was a part of are below and available where ever u stream online.


Halloween cancelled by Covid-19 – Will Corona virus cancel 2020 Halloween?

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Darn this damn Covid-19 and Halloween 2020 seems to be as odd as Trump being the President to some people. The reason is many parents have great concerns about Halloween and Covid 19 infections being transferred from their children touching strangers candy that could have the infectious virus on it. ChangerMusic decided to make a few tips to keep us safe this 2020 Halloween season, and “Every Halloween”.

2020 Halloween Candy Cleaning Tips:
1.) Chip bags: Hand wash with warm soapy water for 25 seconds and let dry before consuming.
2.) Chocolate: Fill a sink with most of the plastic wrapped candy/choc’ and rub them down with warm soapy water, but not too hot as to avoid melting the chocolate of course, lol.
3.) Apples/Fruit: Either throw them out or wash with soap and warm water in your sink for 25 sec’s.
4.) Gift cards/Certificates: Spray with sanitizer and wipe down thoroughly before handling/passing along to your child to use.

Alternative suggestions:

a.) Ask relatives and friends to visit just them to get candy with the little ones.

b.) Trick or treat halloween hunt around the house/apartment.

c.) Buy ya own goodies and stay in to watch movies/shows.

d.) Play Changer’s new “EVERY HALLOWEEN” SONG and Video.

2020Halloween may not be as fun and is more serious due to these legit C-19 concerns, so in honor of balance and the good old days before Covid-19 and Halloween 2020 concerns; ChangerMusic had made a Halloween2020 Covid-19 tribute song titled “Every Halloween”. #everyhalloween was made to honor the traditional Halloween fun night, in light of the dark over shadowing Covid19 virus.

Changer takes Covid-19 and parents Halloween concerns very seriously, but at the same time, he believes parents will do what is best for the safety of their children. Changer’s fun new Hip-Hop song was made when he realized his favorite childhood song “Thriller” was needing to be paid homage, as a salute to Changer’s inner child.

#everyhalloween is available on 9.11.20 on Spoitfy and where ever you get music online.

The video will be out then as well on ChangerMusic’s Youtube channel. Be sure to subscribe and share, as Changer is an indie artist appreciating your help. Stay safe and have fun this Covid19Halloween season and #everyhalloween. Listen to ChangerMusic’s “Every Halloween” song HERE.

New rare and limited t-shirt’s have been made just for Halloween. Get them while they last. Click HERE.

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B-Girls, BGirls Break Dance song and break dancing in the 2024 Olympics

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“B-Girls” The break dance anthem of 2020 and beyond, is the Hip-Hop dance song from ChangerMusic. Changer started off as a B-Boy as a kid after watching the classic break dance movie “Beat Street”. The first element of Hip-Hop, that Changer fell in love with, was break dancing. As a Canadian Hip-Hop indie artist, ChangerMusic feels he is an under dog. In the rap culture, female’s are the under dog and thus, this Hamilton Hip-Hop rhymer created his catchy tribute song “B-Girls”. Being raised by his steel city adoptive, single mother, Changer values the strength of women. B-Boys dominate the ratio aspect in break dance culture and societies perception of who created and regulates breakin’. Loving women’s many aspects and Hip-Hop’s 4 elements sheds the thinking pattern that gave life to this Canadian Break dance song’s birth.
The connections of these factors completely ties into ChangerMusic’s lyrics for B-Girls.

What do we mean with the title of this 2020 Hip-Hop blog’s “B-Girls, BGirls Song Anthem for the first Break dancers in the 2024 Olympics”? Co-relations and metaphors is the basis for witty rhymes. Fertile grounds exist in the under represented B-Girlz and the Break Dance culture.  The Olympics in December 2020 will finalize their decision to make Break Dancing an Olympic sporting event, or to reject it’s current temporary consideration/inclusion, which is another important need for this song topic.

Changer plans to slowly advertise his BGirls song through social media for the next 4 years, as he believes that a song has no expiration date. The first winning Break dance crew or breaker in the 2024 Olympics is the anchor and driving force behind these goals and idea’s. Changer’s affiliation with SpitSickBeats is what fuels the original bouncey New York Hip-Hop vibe. Internally in the rapper culture, women are beneath men. If a B-Girl wins gold in the Olympics or when a BGirl wins, then the spiritual representation behind Changer’s Hip-Hop dance song evens out and proves the stereo types wrong, like Changer’s already known his whole life. B-Girl and B-Boy world’s unite under ChangerMusic’s “B-Girl” break dancing song anthem.

Steel Money Album

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“STEEL MONEY” The new album title for Changer’s  6th album is a dark, rock, Hip-Hop themed project, slated for release in the summer of 2019.

Welding is the basis of how Changer “The Welder” afforded independent releases from his 10 years of welding. Dark Smokey welding factories in Hamilton is the focal point of “Steel Money”. Hard rock guitars and boom bap beats with a tiny beat of trap drums here and there is what the soundscape will possess. A salute if you will, to the blue collar life in Changer’s Hometown, Hamilton Ontario (HDotO), featuring America’s legendary “Apathy” from “The Demigodz”, “Ren Thomas” from NewJersey, Fresh Freddie, CFolks and Changer’s fave Hamilton award winning MC, Lee Reed.

Welding with 100 other people is the sound vibe being sought for this steel money album. That is what Changer did for years and years and is what Steel city Hamilton consists of. About 12-14 songs are slated. Catchy hooks and melodies are a given with SpitSickBeats being Changer’s new production company endeavors. From Changer’s, single parenting previous themed 4 albums to his “Keep Hip-Hoppin” release, this “STEEL MONEY” album will be in tune with Changer’s name, of repping Change, variety and unpredictability.

Canadian Underground Hip-Hop is repped lovely with Changer focusing on being original and different with his upcoming 2020 “Steel Money Album”. The artwork for this exciting LP is commissioned by Hamilton’s “Anthony Haley”.

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Indie Hip-Hop balance

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Changer here. I’ve grown up reading KRS-ONE in interviews before I started in 2004 on CDBaby with my indie Hip-Hop goals. The mind frame of being a jack of all trades is deemed negative by many books and society but for being an entrepreneur it is darn important. Being able to shoot and edit your own photo’s, videos and graphic design, is cost effective and very time consuming with youtube tutorials, research, trial and error but is worth it. The hustle is a juggle and helps know when the people you contract to do photo’s or web work, are worth it or not. Indie life is one about planning and executing and evolving from doing it all, to outsourcing, finding grants and loans/investore/etc…

It doesn’t end, so having a personal/family life balance aids in recharging your focus for targeted results. Self investment in on and offline courses is crucial as well. Networking and seeking feedback is amazing and feeds into the saying “Your net worth equals your net worth”. Indie Hip-Hop is me and my lifestyle since before I started; I mean, I would check out Music Business books as a teen and read the boring law requirements for contracts and options way before starting my company and endeavors. Archiving media files and being a full media functioning company as one person, until profits allow otherwise, goes hand in hand with time consuming planning, revamping and research and development. Music making is thee smallest portion of the ingredients to surviving, because marketing analytics, research, budgets, A&B testing, cold vs warm audience statistics and manipulation tactics will benefit your company more then an amazing new album no one knows about. I’ve produced over 14 albums, from underground and Pop Hip-Hop to Folk, Reggae and R&B music. 7 of those haven’t been released due to budget, timing, planning and lack of an effective network/database of contacts. When you know you have hits, waiting to release them  is vital. It’s hard as an excited artist and owner to do so but it’s better to give it a fair shot at recouping all your financial risks/investments then releasing it for the project to go no where, like 4 of my 5 projects taught me. I may not be financially rich and successful but being able to bounce back from downfalls and hang in there is what makes me feel proud and successful despite what society, family and life may say. Self confidence and persevering is what keeps us Hip-Hoppin’.

There’s no loosing if you keep going. Failures make success. For every winner there’s a so called looser. Find your work life vs family balance to hang in there. Most companies fail within 2 years. Most fortunes are made globally over decades. Invest in your gear and knowledge. Go to conferences, promote, boost posts, buy more new gear, like lighting to film and then software to edit and market your work. Social sites block your content every 3 hrs so you need 3 posts a day, times 365 days a year. WOW!! Busy busy, bizzzzy!!! Just to meet that factor and stay in your audiences mind, is pushing it to 1,150 posts a year. A social marketing company would be a blessing to afford, but most indie Hip-Hop artists and company owners just can’t swing it, so go get your gear, a location (I shoot in my garage) and edit weekly. Having goals is important but having work vs personal balance will bring you more peace. No one will do you, like you will do you, is the indie spirit to me and how I’ve been and build.

Good luck. Hip-Hop and God to me is worth it and is what helps me to Keep Hip-Hoppin’.



ChangerMusic and Friends show

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Hey howdy and hey, lol.

I’m excited to announce my first 2018 ChangerMusic & Friends – For Tha Love Of Hip-Hop show. Tickets are $10 at the door.

It’s on 2.15.18 at 7pm at This Aint Hollywood, in Steel City/Hamilton Ontario. #hamont #changermusic

So, there will be climax surprise and give aways, singers, rhymerz, dance, and mad fun.

This networking and grind for it is worth it and extensive.

I love the issues of it all and how it gets me out of my shell and comfort zone.

I love rocking crowds but I’m generally not social or outgoing so Hip-Hop and love helps this conundrum, lol, for me.

I hope u can make it. Buy me a drink, lol.

Mad love,


2017 ChangerMusic Review

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Wow, another year is done. I released Keep Hip-Hoppin (my 5th written/produced/engineered) album and two videos for it.

2017 was full of fun Ti Cat video shoots, live shows in Hamilton & Toronto. New fans and friends and interviews were found for moi. I am grateful.

I thoroughly believe in the saying “seek and you shall find” and “God helps those, who help them selves”.

Here are some highlights from 2017, that I enjoyed. I hope your year was just as fun and blessed. (Some pict’s below are clickable)

Happy New Year.